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At ROV Rentals we provide wide range of ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) types, tailored for customer specific requirements on very reasonable rates starting as low as USD150.

The ROV Rentals Inc is pioneer in leisure industry to introduce ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) also known as underwater drone now a days for recreational purposes. Here we provide ROV with pilot to cover your mesmerizing reef diving experience or shark interactions. We also provide self use ROVs for your privacy.

We provide ROV with depth rating from 50m to 300m observation and semi work-class in general but can arrange 1000m depth rating work-class ROVs too. The ROVs can be included with sensors and tools like Temperature, Salinity, PH, Imaging Sonar, Manipulator, Sampling cups, Suction tubes, Collection basket etc.

Our ROV services with Operator includes but not limited to:

  • Hull inspection
  • Jetty inspection
  • Submarine cable inspection
  • ROV Pilot training
  • Benthic survey
  • Environmental Survey & Sampling
  • Reef survey
  • Marine Fauna survey
  • Recreational videography
  • Underwater engineering support
  • Underwater construction support
  • Underwater Repair & Maintenance
  • Deep-Sea Fish Sighting

Benthic Survey Hull Inspection Services ROV Jetty Inspection Submarine Cable
ROV Pilot Training Environmental Survey
ROV Reef Survey ROV Marine Fauna Survey Recreational Videography Underwater Engineering
Underwater Construction
Underwater Repair
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