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On Vacation and wondering how to capture your fun filled moments and memories.

We bring rental services on equipment that will help you with creating and recording these memories.


Snorkeling Equipment on rent.

Drone Fishing

A new and easier concept of fishes in todays world is Drone Fishing. Draw your fishing line easily with the help of a Drone and drop your fish line at the spot where the drone detects fishes suitable for a good catch. Easy recreational fishing.

Drone Recreational Videography

Capture wild and vivid scape of The Ocean with the help of Drone Recreational Videography equipment. We put these Drones on Rent at a very cheap day rate. You can rent them on hourly basis or day basis as per your interest.

Underwater Glider

Rent out Underwater Glider. This unique underwater sport glider comes with inbuilt battery backup and can help gliding with ease underwater to great distance. Suitable for those who do not want to swim and are lazy to reach a location. Can be rented for reef viewing also.

The DPVs which are also known by other names in the industry as underwater scooter, swimmer delivery vehicle, underwater scooter etc. They are mainly in two different ranges such as Professional and Recreational. Under professional DPV the speed is from 30m per min to 50m per min and depth ranging from 50m to 80m with endurance of up to 200 minutes. Under recreational DPV the speed is from 20m per min to 50m per min and depth ranging from 20m to 50m with endurance from 60 to 360 minutes.

Scuba Diving

We rent out Scuba Equipment set and small equipment such as Air cylinder, boot, fins, wet suit, gloves, buoyancy compensator, regulator, mask, information console, etc.

Snuba Diving

Snuba dive is limited to about 6 meters (20 ft), decompression sickness is not likely to be a problem. Snuba Dive is ideal for reef exploration and at places where water is not very deep.

We rent out Snuba equipment. Can rent just the equipment or equipment with a boat as per your convenience

Underwater Scooter

Enjoy Underwater scooter ride, which lets you go down, get wet and enjoy the beautiful underwater wonders of the ocean. If you are afraid to dive down the ocean floor by scuba or snuba this is the best and safe option. This underwater activity proves that it can be fun, and anybody can enjoy the beautiful views of tropical fish within their natural coral reef habitats. We rent out Underwater Scooter on package basis.

Sea Walking

Helmet Diving also known as Sea Walking is a new underwater sport gaining fame in the industry. You can get these specially built helmets on rent on packages. This kind of underwater activity is best enjoyed in groups. This activity does not need any special training like scuba and snorkeling. Breathing as normal as on ground, this activity is gaining its popularity amongst those who dont know how to swim.

Boat Excursions

Now Rent a Complete Boat for your leisure trip with your loved ones and family. A Boat with its crew is now available with all 5 star amenities such as breakfast lunch dinner served on board. You can rent other sporting equipment which need a boat.

Canoe on Rent

For the Daredevils, Rent a Canoe

Kayak on Rent

Rent a Kayak for breathtaking scenery and Me time in the vastness of the ocean.

Water Drone on Rent

The ROV Rentals Inc is pioneer in leisure industry to introduce ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) also known as underwater drone now a days for recreational purposes. Here we provide ROV with pilot to cover your mesmerizing reef diving experience or shark interactions. We also provide self use ROVs for your privacy.

A Memorable Vacation at Everybody's Reach
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