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|      ROV Rentals, Tourism, Explorations, etc.

ROV Rentals Inc. always looking to expand its fleet of water sports equipment. We welcome small self owned water sports equipment business operators to family owned businesses to join us.

You can connect to our international network of water sports equipment on hire. We will provide you customers on small commission or retaining fee within your area of operations.

You can contact us if you provide any of the following equipment on hire.

  • ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
  • DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)
  • Underwater Scooter
  • Kayaks
  • Canoe
  • Motor Boat
  • Jet Ski
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Scuba Diving equipment
  • Snuba Diving equipment
  • Oxygen compressor
  • Fishing equipment
  • Cage Diving
  • Spinnaker Flying
  • Kiteboat
  • Parasailing
  • Surfing
  • Rafting
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