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|      ROV Rentals, Tourism, Explorations, etc.

ROV Rentals Inc., provides Business-2-Business services in ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), Drones and Water Sports. Our Services are available in and around Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

We also provide our services to Universities, NGOs, and Researchers etc., under corporate social responsibility.

We not only keep fleet of standing equipment such as ROVs, DPVs (Diver Propulsion Vehicle), Kayaks, Underwater Helmets etc. at our decentralized warehouses, to mobilize globally on requirement but also source from nearby suppliers under subcontracting on need to need basis.

We provide ROV with depth rating from 50m to 300m observation and semi work-class in general but can arrange 1000m dept rating work-class ROVs too.

The DPVs which are also known by other names in the industry as underwater scooter, swimmer delivery vehicle, underwater scooter etc. They are mainly in two different ranges such as Professional and Recreational. Under professional DPV the speed is from 30m per min to 50m per min and depth ranging from 50m to 80m with endurance of up to 200 minutes.

If there is Ocean we will have something for you there!
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